Long-term Program

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Long-term Program (more than six months)


Long-term programs focus on Chinese language learning and culture experiences. Each semester, the School of International Education of SWJTU provides various Chinese language courses and cultural courses to international students with different levels of Chinese. The main courses include intensive reading, extensive reading, listening, speaking, writing, characters and so on. Students will be allocated to appropriate levels according to the results of test on arrival. Experienced teaching staff and small class size ensure the most efficient teaching and learning.


Long-term Program of Chinese Language Learning and Culture Experiences

Open Time

Every year: September 1st & February 25th 


More than six months

Application Deadline

Every year: June 10th for Fall Semester & December 10th for Spring Semester



1. Registration: 600 RMB/person

2. Insurance: 400 RBM/person/half year; 800 RMB/person/year

3. Tuition: 8000 RBM/person/half year; 16000 RMB/person /year

4. Accommodation fee: 15600 RMB/year/apartment (two-bedroom apartment on Emei campus with one living room, TV set, air-conditioning, bath room and furniture; exclude electricity and water fee)

Note: Once the class starts, all fees are not refundable; one US dollar equals approximately to 6.5 RMB.


Application Requirement

Over 16 years old (including 16 years old); Healthy and non-Chinese citizen.



Online application: http://iso.swjtu.edu.cn/

Contact information:

Mrs. Tang  Tel: 0086 833 5198726  Email: sie@swjtu.edu.cn

Mrs. Ni  Tel: 0086 28 66367385  Email: niwen@ home.swjtu.edu.cn


Room 425, Administrative Building, International Students Office, Southwest Jiaotong University,

Western Hi-tech Zone Chengdu, Sichuan 611756, P. R. China