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Xipu Campus

Jiuli Campus

Emei Campus

      Emei Campus of Southwest Jiaotong University is located at the foot of Emei Mountain, which is one of the Four Sacred Buddhist Mountains of China,UNESCO World Cultural & Natural Heritage and Class 5A Tourist Attractions in China.

西南交通大学峨眉校区平面图(Southwest Jiaotong University-E'mei Campus Map)


2.教学楼(Teaching building)

3.大学生活动中心(The maneuver centre for university students / Student Recreation Center HUST)

4.网络中心(Network Center)

5.留学生公寓1-6栋(International Students’ apartment)

6.科技交流中心(Technology Exchange Center)

7.名山电影院( Ming Shan cinema)

8.实习基地(Practice base)

9.电气实验室(Electrical laboratory)

10.轨道实验基地(pathwayexperiment base)

11.校前区文化广场(Cultural Square in front of the school district )

12.北门(North Gate)

13.名山1号(Ming Shan  No. 1)

14.学生宿舍(Students dormitory)

15.学生食堂(Student canteen)

16.教工食堂(Staff canteen)

17.高压实验室(High voltage laboratory)

18.驾运实习基地(Driving practice base)


20.学术报告厅(Academic Hall)

21.工会(教工活动中心)(Labor union)(Staff activity center)

22.生活服务中心(Life service center)

23.维修中心(Maintenance center)

24.风雨操场(运动场)(The wind and rain playground)(playground)

25.金属加工厂(Metal Processing Factory)

26.生活广场(Life square)


28.教师住宅(Teacher's house)

29.实验楼(Laboratory Building)

30.东门(East gate)

31.校医院(The school hospital)

32.南门(South Gate)

33.计算机中心(Computer center)

34.游泳池(Swimming pool)