International Students Attended the 2018 Free Trade Zone (Railway Port) Chinese New Year Party

2018-03-26& 次浏览

In February 2018, the School of International Education organized four international students who are from France, Austria, Poland and Russia to participate in the 2018 Free Trade Zone ( Railway Port ) Chinese new year party. Guests attending the feast included Qingbaijiang District party Committee secretary and other leaders. The whole new year party was splendid and presented a grand new year feast to the audience.

 Representatives of International students in our college not only sang the Chinese classic folk song JASMINE FLOWER for the audience, but also brought them a classic French song called Les Champs-Elysées. Their performances won the warm applause of the guests and audience on the spot, and added a lot of international charm to the party in the spring festival.

 This Chinese new year party came to a successful end after the wonderful performances.