SWJTU International Student Disaster and Fire Practice Drill

2019-03-29& 次浏览

On the afternoon of March 28, the School of International Education and other related departments jointly held the Disaster and Fire Practice Drill. All the students and relevant leaders attended the drill.

The evacuation drill began at 16: 00 p.m.. With the sound of the first alarm,thestaff organized students to quicklyprepare for it. Workers then released a simulated smoke outside the apartment andplayed the second alarm. All the students used wet towels, handkerchiefs and so on to cover their mouths and nostrils in order to withdraw from the apartment. The wholeprocess are standardized, orderly, efficient.

All the teachers and students watched the firemensimulate the scene ofrescuing astudent trapped in the building. Finally, the firemen demonstrated the procedure to put out afire.Under the guidance of professional staff, all international students and teachers operated the drill by themselves.

Through the evacuation drill of earthquake and fire emergency, the emergency response ability and the comprehensive ability of self-rescue and mutual rescue of all the teachers and students of SIE and the management staff have been improved.