Pre-arrival Important Information for International Students

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School of International Education  

Southwest Jiaotong University  


1. Where is Southwest Jiaotong University?  

Address of Southwest Jiaotong University


Emei Campus: Emei Campus of Southwest Jiaotong University, No. 6 of the 2nd Section of Jingqu Road, Emeishang City, Sichuan 614202 P.R. China

犀浦校区:四川省成都市高新区西部园区西南交通大学 邮编:611756

Xipu Campus: Southwest Jiaotong University, West Section, High-tech Zone, Chengdu, Sichuan 611756 P.R. China

九里校区:四川省成都市二环路北一段111号西南交通大学 邮政编码:610031

Jiuli Campus: Southwest Jiaotong University, No.111, First Section, North of Second Ring Road, Chengdu, Sichuan, 610031, P.R. China

     Please note that all international students must register at the International Students Office at XiPu campus (Comprehensive Building, RM 425). There are shuttle buses for transfer between two campuses.


2. Where is the office of School of International Education for the Registration?

    Room 1418, No. 1 Building (the Main Building), Emei Campus of Southwest Jiaotong University. 

3. What you need to do when you plan to leave your home?

    Before your arrival, please email us your arrival date and time along with the train or flight number. It will help us to update your registration. A pick-up service which costs RMB 250 per person is available if needed. It is very important for you to send your arrival information to the following email address. 
    Email address:  Mrs. Tang, Email:

4. To whom you need to contact with at the School of International Education, Southwest Jiaotong University?

    If you have any quetion, please contact us 

    International Students Coordinator: 
    Mrs. Tang
                                                      Tel: +86 833 5198726                                                                                                        

5. Pre-Arrival Check List:
    You should prepare a folder of documents to bring with you, including:
    Valid passport with student visa
    Original Admission Letter
    Scholarship letter (if applicable)
    No Objection Certificate (NOC) from your homeland organization (if applicable)
    Original and certified copies of your academic transcripts
    Personal identification documents such as driver’s license or ID card (if applicable)
    Medical Records (Physical Examination Certificate / Reports)
    Attested marriage certificate and birth certificates of your children from the local Consulate or Embassy of P.R. China at your country (For those students who bring their families along with them)

6. Other Important Notes:  

1)   The Sep. scholarship will be transferred to new scholarship students after September 20th because of OBF (Office of Budget and Finance) system and regulations. In case of certain necessary expenses such as paying the visa application fee, purchasing articles of daily use, please prepare 3000RMB to 5000 RMB cash at least in advance.  

2)    New students who live in the International Students Apartment Buildings need to purchase the beddings by yourself after arrival, around 600RMB/set. 

3)    The registration time: Aug.24 to Aug.25, 2016. If you cannot register within the period due to special circumstances, please inform us your reason and itinerary via Email, otherwise you will be regarded as giving up this admission.

4)    Please read the attached Incoming Students Guide, Orientation for New students and the map of SWJTU carefully; you can also visit the website of SIE: or   ISO:  for more helpful information!